Friday, January 21, 2011

Stoudts Brewing Company - Gold Lager Munich Style Helles; Winter Ale; Double IPA

The Stoudts Brewing Company is in Adamstown, Pennsylvania.

Gold Lager Munich Style Helles - This beer pours golden in color with a pure white head, and is amply and finely carbonated.  The aroma is of biscuit and grain, but with sharp, bitter and metallic notes.  The taste is aromatic, grain, some green apple, and bitter.  It is a bit hard to describe.  The flavor is strong, but a bit too harsh in its bitterness, although one becomes more accustomed to it as the beer is consumed.

Winter Ale - This beer pours a glowing medium brown, dark copper, and orange in color with a tall quarter inch of light brown head.  The aroma is very malty, slightly sweet, caramel, slightly burnt sugar and dark fruits.  The taste is a well balanced blend of the aromas with enough hops on the finish that it ends dry and slightly bitter and is never overly sweet.  This is a fine winter ale.

Double IPA - This beer pours a hazy orange-amber in color.  There is a short head of light off-white foam.  The aroma is flowers, stone fruit, malt, a bit of caramel, and some yeast.  The taste is smooth, stone fruits, slightly sweet malt.  This bottle is fairly old, especially for an IPA.  I would love to try this one fresh because it is still pretty tasty several months old.


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