Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stoudt's Brewing Co. Pils

Stoudt's Brewing Company is out of Adamstown, Pennsylvania.  This is a German style pilsener. 

The beer is pale golden in color and pours with a large head that dissipates rather quickly and leaves very light lacing.  The aroma is biscuits and crackers with a sharp hop bitterness.  It has an intense flavor for an American brewed pilsener. It has a cooked grain and fresh corn taste with an extremely bitter finish.  Now, a bitter finish is not a bad thing for a pilsener, but this one is too disconnected from the taste of the beer.  The bitterness stands alone at the finish instead of being a natural extension and end to all the other flavors.  I will say, that as the beer is consumed, the bitterness does start to merge more into the other flavors.  But it is oddly intense at the beginning.

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