Thursday, January 13, 2011

Meantime Brewing Company - India Pale Ale; Scotch Ale

The Meantime Brewing Company is in London, England.

India Pale Ale - This beer pours bright copper in color, almost a hint of orange, somewhat cloudy, and with essentially no head.  The aroma is fragrant, floral, fruity, with tropical fruits and citrus, but in white wine vinous manner and not in an American IPA manner.  The taste is like a dry, fruity white wine layered on a bed of water cracker malt with a touch of carmelization and sherry.  This beer is unique and tasty.  In addition, the bottles are very cool and a unique shape for a 11.2 oz. bottle.  7.5% ABV.

Scotch Ale - This 8.0% ABV bottle conditioned ale pours dark brown, ruby, garnet in color, dark but translucent.  There is a tall quarter-inch of light brown foam.  The aroma is malty, molasses-caramel, sherry and port, with a whiff of almost cinnamon-like spice.  The taste is malty, sweet, following the aromas, but drinking amazingly light and creamy for its massive flavor.  The lingering finish brings in flavors of moist, sweet tobacco.  This is a deep, rich malt bomb of a beer.

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