Saturday, December 25, 2010

Trader Jose - Light, Premium Lager and Dark

This is the Trader Joe's store brand line of Mexican beers.

Light - This beer pours light to medium golden in color with an inch of fizzy head that dissipates fairly quickly but leaves some lacing down the glass as the beer is consumed.  The aroma is some grain, some lager funk and a bit of hop bitterness, and a little bit of sour metallic.  The taste is corn and lager funk and just a bit of hop bite.  The mouth feel is slightly watery but also provides a sting of big carbonation.  This is much better than most light beers.

Premium Lager - This pours just like the Light, although it may be a tad darker golden.  The aroma is similar to the Light, but better.  There is more grain, more hops, some straw and no sour, metallic notes.  The taste follows the aroma, just a touch of sweetness.  It has the big carbonation of the light, but is less watery in mouth feel.  I would like to combine what is best about this and the Light into a single better beer, but for lower priced store brands, these are pretty good beers for what they are.

Dark - This beer pours dark brown, still just translucent, with a bit of amber and an inch of fizzy head.  The aroma is sweet, some roasted malt and dark, dried fruit.  The taste is roasted malt, a bit of coffee, a tinge of sweetness.  The taste is good but fairly light, the mouthfeel is bitingly carbonated and just a touch watery.

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