Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Simpler Times Pilsner and Lager

These are from Trader Joe's.  The can says the Simpler Times Brewing Co. of Monroe, Wisconsin which would indicate that these are brewed by the Minhas Brewery.

Pilsner - This beer is 5.5% ABV and pours pale golden in color with a thin and rapidly disappearing head.  There is not much aroma, a bit of sweet and a bit of metallic bitterness.  The "taste" is a light sweetness followed by a nice bitterness, but there is really not any flavor involved.  This beer is all mouth feels (crisp, carbonation, slight sensation of sweetness and slightly metallic, bitter finish) and no taste.

Lager - This beer is 6.2% ABV and pours golden in color with a large, foamy head.  The aroma is also quite light, mostly just an aroma of hop bitterness and minerals.  The taste is massively sweet, background of green apple and a bit of metallic bitterness.  This beer smells much more interesting than it tastes.  I would definitely take the Pilsner over this any day.

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