Saturday, December 11, 2010

RJ Rockers Brewing Company - Patriot Pale Ale; Bald Eagle Brown; Son of a Peach

RJ Rockers Brewing Company is out of Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Patriot Pale Ale - This beer pours an orangish-copper in color.  The aroma is slightly hop forward, fairly subtle, gently fruity hops and sweet bready malt in the background.  The taste is really quite balanced between a hoppy fruit juice and bready malt.  The flavor runs fruit, malt, sweet, and then a slightly dry and bitter finish.  6.0% ABV.

Bald Eagle Brown - This beer pours dark brown, lighter and translucent only at the edges.  The aroma is fairly soft, roasted malt, with a bit of coffee.  The taste is roasted malt, coffee, a bit of mocha, a quick hint of sweet and sour, and a lingering sweet coffee with cream finish.  This is really more like a light porter than a brown ale.  Pretty tasty. 

Son of a Peach - This 5.8% ABV seasonal beer is an unfiltered American wheat ale brewed with peaches. It pours a light brown-orange-bronze in color with a very small off-white head.  The aroma is strong with fresh cut peaches, over a wheat malt that is both zesty and mellow at the same time.  The taste is wheat malt with peach all over; a slice of smooth, toasted wheat bread slathered with peach preserves.  The flavors are initially not congruent, but the lingering aftertaste is perfectly balanced.  Interesting and very tasty.  The angry peach on the label is amusing and reminds me of the obnoxious, babbling orange who has videos on You Tube.

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