Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Name Tag Classic Lager

This is from Trader Joe's.  It is 5% ABV and says it is by the Name Tag Brewing Co. of Monroe, Wisconsin.  Monroe indicates it must be contract brewed at the Minhas Brewery.

This beer pours golden in color, with a fizzy white head that rapidly dissolves.  It is well carbonated.  The aroma is bright, a bit of apple fruit, a bit of sweetness, a touch of grain.  It drinks crisp, light without being overly watery, a bit of grain, some light apple and a slight touch of hop bitterness.  I think this was about $2.99 a six pack from Trader Joe's, so for that price, it is a decent drinkable American adjunct lager, but it is not nearly as good as the comparably priced Big Flats 1901 from Walgreens.

I think the name and the look of the can are amusingly generic.


  1. I was very surprised by this beer. I bought it because of the price, 2.99/6 pack, and the flavor is nothing like other beers. At first it tastes like beer of questionable quality, but the flavor changes in your mouth into something more cidery. Refreshing. I will definitely try the Walgreens Big Flats.

    PS: Posting to a Blogger account sucks, you need to sign up and register through 3 different pages, and STILL need to type some captcha bullshit before the post goes through!

  2. I like it just fine. A bit on the carbonated side, but pleasant taste and finish.