Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Millstream Brewing Co. Schokolade Bock; Big Honey Hefe

The Millstream Brewing Co. is out of Amana, Iowa and has been in operation for 25 years.

Schokolade Bock - This beer pours very dark brown and is translucent only around the edges.  It has a quarter-inch of very light brown head.  The aroma is dark cocoa and coffee.  The taste is deep, rich, dark, roasted coffee and chocolate.  The taste is big, but the beer drinks light and is much more dry than sweet.  This beer is a delight.

Big Honey Hefe - This is a wheat ale brewed with honey.  The beer pours a cloudy brown-orange in color with a small and thin head of off-white to light brown foam.  The aroma is fresh banana bread, plain and simple.  The taste is sweet, wheat malt, and massive yeast esters of banana.  If you want to drink the beer equivalent of banana bread, here it is.

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