Thursday, December 30, 2010

Miller High Life; Miller Genuine Draft

"The Champagne of Beers"  The original flagship from the Miller Brewing Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The Miller Brewing Company has been around since 1855 and has been brewing the High Life since 1903. 

This beer pours a clear golden in color with a tall fizzy white head that dissipates fairly rapidly and leaves some light lacing on the glass.  The aroma is somewhat sweet, green apples, metallic.  The taste is light, slight wet grain, a touch sweet, light green apple, very light straw, and a light bitterness on the finish that has a hint of metallic. Much better than a Bud Light.

Somehow, this beer never tastes better than when it is from the little 7 oz. pony bottles.

"If you've got the time, we've got the beer."

Might I suggest that you visit the High Life Lounge in Des Moines, Iowa?

Miller Genuine Draft - Pours a very clear and light straw golden in color with a slight head of pure white foam that leaves moderate lacing down the glass..  The aroma is a decent malty grain for an American adjunct lager, corn, and a lightly floral grassiness.  The taste follows the aroma, slightly watery.  There is a crisp carbonated finish.  This comes off a little less sweet, and a little more flavor than High Life.

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