Friday, December 17, 2010

Buffalo Bill's Brewery America's Original Pumpkin Ale

Buffalo Bill's Brewery is of Hayward, California, but says that it is brewed and bottled by Independent  Brewers United of Seattle, Washington; Portland, Oregon; and Berkely, California.

This beer pours a bright copper in color with almost no head.  The aroma is of pumpkin pie and nutmeg overarching a slight beer aroma.  The taste is spicy, nutmeg and other pumpkin pie spices are first and foremost, then a bit of sweet pumpkin, finally a weak beer flavor.  The pumpkin and spice flavors are good, so I wish that they were in fact stronger and deeper, because as they are they let the "beer" come through, and the beer background is of a weak adjunct lager type.  5.2% ABV. 

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