Friday, November 26, 2010

Northwoods Brewing Corp. - Floppin' Crappie Ale; Whitetail Wheat

Northwoods Brewing is out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Floppin' Crappie Ale - This beer pours a light brown in color.  The smell is sweet, burnt caramel, and dried fruit.  The taste is light, but of a biscuit with honey and dark fruit jelly.  A bit of bitterness on the end.  This is drinkable, and exhibits potential, but it just seems to lack the weight and complexity it would need to finish out strong. 

Whitetail Wheat - This beer pours a pale straw with an orange tint.  There is massive carbonation but a fairly slight head.  The aroma is light wheat and some yeasty banana esters.  The taste follows the aroma.  Not too impressive.

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