Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mission Brewery IPA

From the Mission Brewery , Chula Vista, San Diego County, California.

This beer is 6.8% ABV and pours a solid copper color.  The aroma is light and fruity.  Oddly enough for an IPA it is more like cherries, plums and grapes than citrus.  The flavor is tangy, slightly fruity, very bitter with a solid malt background.  It has a very bitter finish that is somewhat more metallic than dry. 

According to the bottle this won the bronze medal at the 2007 Great American Beer Festival.  I don't know why, there are many West Coast IPA's that are better than this.  I think perhaps they were going more for the traditional British IPA style.  I was assuming a California type IPA.  My disappointment in this beer is probably due to my expecting the wrong thing, or my bottle was not fresh enough.

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