Thursday, November 4, 2010

Laughing Dog Brewing - IPA; Alpha Dog Imperial IPA; Dogzilla Black IPA; CSB "Crotch Sniffing Bastard" ESB

Laughing Dog Brewing is out of Ponderay, Idaho.

IPA - This beer pours a orange-copper-amber in color, slightly cloudy.  It has a large, tall head of thick, creamy and off-white foam that leaves sticky lacing of medium-thick density down the glass.  The aroma is zesty, citrusy, orange, yeasty, and a light touch of tropical fruit.  The taste is fruity tart, orange, citrus, the touch of tropical and zesty yeast.  It sits on a tea flavored malt base.  Pretty interesting, I would love to try this one fresh and on tap.

Alpha Dog Imperial IPA - Pours a light copper in color with a half inch of foamy head.  The aroma is hop forward, of tropical fruit and flowers.  The taste is intense yet surprisingly light for an imperial IPA.  It is hoppy and tracks the aromas, breezy and tropical.  It finishes intensely and bracingly bitter. 

Dogzilla Black IPA - Pours very dark brown to black with a half inch of foamy head.  The aroma is malty, slightly smoky, with some aromatic hops adding a sour zest.  The flavor is of very dark roasted malt, coffee and a hint of smokiness with a bracingly bitter finish. 

CSB "Crotch Sniffing Bastard" Extra Special Bitter Ale - "How Dogs Say Hello"  This beer pours a dark copper and slightly cloudy with a half inch of thick foamy head that is not quick to disperse.  The aroma is very fruity and yeasty with a hint of Christmas spice.  The taste is very yeasty, fruity, biscuity and very bitter on the finish with a long lingering aftertaste of fruit and long lasting dry bitter sensation.  This beer is a little too yeasty for my taste.

"Fetchingly Good Beer"

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