Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cropton Brewery - Scoresby Stout; Two Mugs English Ale

Two Mugs English Ale - 4.0% ABV.  This beer pours very light brown with a hint of amber, partly cloudy and very little head.  The aroma is light, airy, fruity, slightly sweet, a touch of caramel.  The taste has a nice deep nuttiness that was not present in the aroma.  This beer is heavy in flavor yet drinkably light.  This would be a great session ale.  This is a very delicious English bitter.  Apparently in Britain this is sold as Two Pints Bitter, but I guess they feel Two Mugs English Ale is more explanatory to the U.S. market. 

Scoresby Stout - 4.2% ABV.  This beer pours jet black with a half-inch of light brown foam.  The aroma is coffee, tartness and sweetness.  The taste is deep roasted malt, coffee, and a bit of dark chocolate.  There is a dry and slightly bitter finish.  This is a pleasing, full-flavored stout that is not too sweet and finishes dry.

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