Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cerveza TJ - Tijuana

TJ Light - Pours a very pale, light golden color.  Slight aroma of grain and straw  with just the tiniest hint of lager "funk".  A bit of a sour aroma as well.  The taste is extremely light, a bit of lager taste and a slightly metallic finish.  The bottle describes this as Mexican craft beer, but this one is just like any run of the mill macro American adjunct lager and not even as good as most major brand Mexican lager beers.  3.5% ABV.

TJ Guera - Pours a light golden color (although much darker than the light).  Slight aroma of grain but mostly metallic, sour and green apple.  Taste is metallic, sour and bitter.  This is a very lousy beer.   The Light is actually better than this.  This beer is not worth a second try.

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