Friday, October 22, 2010

Tyranena Brewing Company

Brewed in Lake Mills, Wisconsin.

Three Beaches Honey Blonde (Ale Brewed with Honey) - Pours a dark golden honey color with ample, fine effervescent carbonation.  Aroma is of honey touched grain.  Tastes like a good, solid American lager with a touch of honey.  Very drinkable, would be a great summer session beer. 

Bitter Woman IPA - This beer pours a light copper in color.  It has an intensely hoppy aroma of tropical fruits and citrus.  It is extremely hop forward with tons of hop fruit, flowers and citrus.  It is like a hop-tropical fruit punch.  It has just a tad of hop pine bitterness, but it is a more fruit forward hoppy beer than a totally bitter IPA, despite its name.  This is a damn fine hoppy American IPA.  According to the bottle, the "bitter woman" is Aunt Cal, an early resident of Lake Mills who never married but was a love of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.  Like the beer named after her, she was very fruity and intensely bitter.

Scurvy IPA brewed with orange peel - This beer pours dark copper to amber in color with a very rapidly disappearing head.  The aroma is light fruit, a bit of orange and some caramel malt.  The taste is of orange peel and fruit laden soda bread with a very bitter finish from both hops and orange peel.

Headless Man Amber Alt - Pours light brown and amber in color.  Has a malty aroma, a bit of fruit and a hint of grass.  The flavor is malt forward, toasty, roasted malt with a bit of nut in the background.  According to the bottle: "The Headless Man is brewed in the 'old way' of a Dusseldorf-style Altbier.  A unique cold lagering process this amber ale its smooth taste."

Stone Tepee Pale Ale - Pours a dark, honey-golden color with a hop forward aroma of light citrus, fruit, and flowers.  The flavor is light hops with a bitter finish.  This is more bitter than I would expect from the aroma.  Strangely, it is in fact more bitter than the Bitter Woman IPA.

Chief Black Hawk Porter - This beer pours pure black.  It has an aroma of dark roasted malt, coffee and dark chocolate.  The taste is rich and dark, coffee and chocolate, a bitter finish and not overly sweet.  My chief complaint with many American porters is that they are too sweet for my taste.  This one is not. 

Rocky's Revenge - This pours a dark brown but still translucent.  The aroma is malty, slightly sweet, a bit of caramel and a hint of bourbon.  The taste is exactly like what this is, brown beer with bourbon.  This beer is an American brown ale with a portion aged in bourbon barrels.

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