Thursday, October 14, 2010

Schneider Weisse

This hefe-weizen comes from the G. Schneider & Sohn brewery in Kelheim, Bavaria, Germany.  According to the bottle it is Bavaria's oldest Weizen brewery.  It is bottle fermented, unpasteurized and unfiltered.  Pours a light, slightly cloudy brown with champagne like carbonation. 

It has an aroma of bananas, yeast. sweet caramel, fruit and root beer.  It has a light taste of roasted malt, a lot of light, sweet fruit and a hint of root beer on the finish, with an extremely carbonated and crisp mouthfeel.  I don't like a lot of hefe-weizens because the yeast and old banana predominate to my palate and I find them disagreeable in that combination.  This is like hefe-weizen root beer and quite intriguing.  I also like the champagne like carbonation.

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