Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Barley Island Brewing Company

This brewery is in Noblesville, Indiana. 

Dirty Helen Tavern Style Brown Ale - This pours a very dark brown with a hint of ruby and a half inch head which does lace the glass.  The aroma is more hoppy than I would expect from a brown ale but has a nice roasted malt in it as well.  This has a nice roasted coffee malt flavor, with some floral, fruit hops, although less than I expected from the aroma.  There is a hint of sweet and a hint of sour.  The beer is unfiltered so some of the sour is from the yeast I believe.  An interesting and very flavorful take on a brown ale.

Sheet Metal Blonde - A Belgian style wheat ale brewed with herb and spices.  Pours pure golden with a massive head.  The aroma is yeasty, a bit fruity, metallic like grain in a cold metal bucket on a late fall day.  It tastes like honey and fruit, with a hint of spice, and a very crisp, fizzy mouthfeel.

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