Sunday, October 14, 2018

Single Speed Tip the Cow

This 6.2% ABV cocoa espresso milk stout is from SingleSpeed Brewing of Cedar Falls and Waterloo, Iowa.

The beer pours black, with dark brown around the edges if held to the light. There is a short head of light brown foam. The aroma is coffee, chocolate, dark roasted malts, char. The taste follows the aromas, with loads of dark roasted malt, char, coffee, chocolate. There is a moderately coffee bitter finish. The beer drinks smooth and soft, with tingling carbonation. This is very enjoyable.

Lion Bridge Compensation

This 4.5% ABV English Mild Ale is from the Lion Bridge Brewing Company of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This is a style we don't see enough; when well done it is an amazing beer (hint: theirs is very well done). 

The beer pours a very dark brown and dark ruby, nearing black. There is a half-inch of tan head that fades to just a ring. The aroma is deep, rich, dark roasted, chocolate, coffee, and hazelnut. The taste follows the aromas, very dark roasted, adding in char. The finish is moderately bitter, mostly dry, with an additional nuttiness on the hazelnut. The beer drinks soft, with a fine, yet intense, carbonation. This is absolutely delicious.