Sunday, February 12, 2017

Samuel Adams Rebel Juiced IPA

The Samuel Adams line of beers are from the Boston Brewing Company of Boston, Massachusetts. This is a variant on their Rebel IPA line, adding in mango flavor.

The beer pours a clear and deep golden in color. There is a very tall, thick and foaming head of white. The aroma is a blast of fruit, nectar of mango and citrus juices. The taste is toasted wheat, mango nectar, and a mix of citrus flavors. The finish is quite bitter. The beer drinks smooth and easy with soft carbonation. Like the Mango Mosaic from Breckendridge, this is a nice concept, but in practice it is just mango nectar over toasted wheat, with a too bitter finish. It just doesn't gel.  

Wasatch Snap Down IPL

This 4.0% ABV India Pale Lager is from Wasatch Beers, from the Utah Brewers Cooperative of Salt Lake City, Utah. 

The beer pours a lightly hazy yellow and golden. There is a relatively short head of white foam. The aroma is citrus, tropical fruit, mango skin, passion fruit, with a touch of pine. The taste follows the aromas, adding in even more mango. The finish is lightly dry and moderately bitter. The beer drinks very easy and refreshing. By God, this is quite good, and one of the better IPL's I have had.