Saturday, June 24, 2017


Zima, the 5.0% ABV clear, citrus malt liquor beverage from Molson Coors is back for a limited time, last popular in the 1990's. I couldn't resist the nostalgia. Let's get in the way back machine. 

This pours crystal clear and bubbly. The aroma is a bit citrus, a bit sour, a bit cooked grain and corn. The taste is a mish-mash of the aromas. It is sweet, but with tart. It is bubbly, but the bubbles immediately fade and the end of a drink is already flat. The finish is mostly dry. I can tell it is the same, but my tastes have moved on.

Apparently people used to drop Jolly Rancher candies in these to flavor them? I never knew that at the time, but have seen it referenced several times upon this re-release. 

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