Saturday, August 13, 2016

Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest 2016 - Mahrs Brau Collaboration

This 6.0% ABV beer is Sierra Nevada Brewing's take on the Oktoberfest style, brewed this year in collaboration with Germany's Mahrs Brau brewery. 
The beer pours a gleaming deep golden in color. There is a relatively short and short-lived white head. The aroma is rich grain, toasted, bready, touch of sweet, floral, with a bit of lager funk. The taste follows the aromas directly, hitting the same rich, bready, toasted grain notes. There is an element of sweetness in the malt, but the finish is grassy, floral, and bitter. The beer drinks smooth, round, but with refreshing carbonation. This is one really, really good lager! It is the best of the last three years.

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