Sunday, August 7, 2016

Arrogant Bastard Double Bastard in the Rye

This 12.7% ABV ale is from the Arrogant Bastard Brewing Company (think Stone Brewing) of Escondido, San Diego County, California. It takes their double bastard ale and ages it in Templeton Rye whiskey barrels.
The beer pours a cloudy dark amber and medium dark brown. There is a relatively short head of light tan foam. The aroma is rich malt, caramel, toasted, rye whiskey, sweet, tangy, spicy, some dark fruits and oak. The taste follows the aromas, hitting the same notes, rich malts, rye whiskey, fruit and wood, spicy and warm. While sweet, the finish has the dry astringency of oak. There is a moderate bitterness. The beer drinks very smooth, with a spicy and alcohol warming finish. This is a very good, rich, barrel-aged sipper.

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