Saturday, November 21, 2015

Gigantic Brewing Company Solid!

This is a 6.0% ABV hoppy American Wheat Ale from the Gigantic Brewing Company of Portland, Oregon. It is also number 30 in their endless series of artist collaborations on the label art for their limited release beers, this one with Japanese artist Nigamushi-Tsuyoshi. The label has a great quote, "Don't fear what happens if you keep going on this road. With fear, there will be no road. If you give one step, the step becomes a road. Go on without fear. Then you will find out."

The beer pours a hazed golden orange and apricot in color. There is a tall, thick, foamy head of white to off-white. The aroma is lightly musky, with tropical fruits, mangoes, and very light passion fruit and guava. The taste follows the aromas, with earthy and somewhat musky tropical fruit, over toasted and crackery malt. There is a fruity tang that goes into a moderately bitter finish. The beer drinks easy, smooth and round, with a tingling carbonation. This is quite enjoyable.  

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