Thursday, September 24, 2015

Schell's Oktoberfest

This is a 5.5% ABV seasonal release. It is from the August Schell Brewing Company of New Ulm, Minnesota.  Schell's was established in 1860 and is the second oldest family owned brewery in the United States, behind Yuengeling.

2017: The beer pours a deep, yet clear, copper and amber. There is a half-inch of off-white head that fizzes down. The aroma is malty, caramel and nutty, with a bright fruit and mineral tang, along with some straw and French bread. The taste follows the aromas, an amalgam of caramel, nut, fruit, malt, with hay, straw, bread notes, along with a grassy and moderately bitter finish. The beer drinks easy and smooth, with a light bite of carbonation. This is a very nice domestic Oktoberfest.

2015: The beer pours a light and clear amber in color. There is an inch of thick, foamy, off-white head. The aroma is sweet malt, caramel, a light touch of nut, tangy, a touch of dark fruit. The taste follows the aromas, malty, sweet, caramel, a bit of a dark fruit tang, very light nut note, followed by a light grassy bitterness. The beer drinks fairly well carbonated, with some smoothness, finishing like a lager. There is a bit of a metallic note on the end that doesn’t fit in with the malt. Mostly nice, but not all the way there for me.

Back in 2009:

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