Saturday, June 27, 2015

Third Street Brewhouse Angry Pirate Aye Aye PA

Third Street Brewhouse is the craft beer offshoot of the Cold Spring Brewery of Cold Spring, Minnesota. This their 9.1% ABV Imperial IPA, usually shortened to IIPA, but these are pirates, so it is an Aye Aye PA, you get me?

The beer pours orange golden and the color of dried apricots. There is a tall, thick, head of white foam. The aroma is oranges and citrus rinds, and also slightly sweet. The taste follows the aromas directly, loads of orange, pithy, citrus rinds, all over ample malt, with a light sweetness, but a dry finish and moderate bitterness. The beer drinks smooth and full, without being heavy. This is big and nice and round, it is a breast loving trucker from the late 1970’s stopping at a truck stop and finding the latest issue of Juggs magazine.

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