Saturday, April 4, 2015

Oskar Blues Pinner Throwback IPA

This is a 4.9% ABV session IPA from the Oskar Blues Brewery of Longmont, Colorado (they also now have a North Carolina brewery). They call it a "throwback IPA." So, note the name, and the can says things like "Sip, Sip, Give" and "Can I Be Blunt?" Oh Colorado, you blazing state, you.

The beer pours a dark yellow golden, honey golden, in color. There is a tall head of white foam, that slowly bubbles away and turns ragged. The aroma is hoppy, dank, musky, with overripe tropical fruit, orange and citrus. The taste follows the aromas, lots of dankness and rich tropical fruits. The beer is medium bodied and finishes with a moderate bitterness, trending strong. There is a nice, stinging carbonation, and the beer drinks easy and refreshing. This is a top notch session IPA, battle for first is between this and Founders All Day.

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