Sunday, January 4, 2015

Kalona Start-Up Stout

This is a 8.0% ABV coffee stout. It is from the Kalona Brewing Company of Kalona, Iowa. Their motto: "Heavenly Beers Brewed by Mere Mortals." In addition to its pale, caramel and chocolate malts, it uses oats and "roasted grains." Perhaps wheat or rye? They don't say whose coffee they used, but as you'll see below, it was good.

The beer pours black through and through. There is a tall, foamy, thick head that is the dark tan to light brown in color. The aroma is a wave of cold-pressed coffee, with underlying dark roasted malts, in particular some chocolate and dark cocoa notes. The taste follows the aromas directly, waves of coffee, with lesser, but complementary, notes of dark roasted malts, chocolate and char. It has a full enough body for all that flavor, but not heavy in any way, with tingling carbonation. This is a very well done coffee stout.

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