Sunday, November 16, 2014

Indeed Sweet Yamma Jamma

This 5.0% ABV ale is made with sweet potatoes and spices. I had a few of the pumpkin seasonals again this year, and I am ending that seasonal genre out with the same idea, but a tuber instead of a gourd. The beer is from the Indeed Brewing Company of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The beer pours a deep burnt orange and dark copper, nearly turning garnet. There is a relatively short head of light beige foam. The aroma is full of holiday spices, and sweet and rich sweet potato. The taste follows the aromas, with just a bit of tartness on the end. Sweet and spiced, but ends dry, it is liquid sweet potato pie. The beer has just enough smoothness and body to hold up all the flavors, but it is also refreshingly carbonated. This beer should be provided to every family in the United States to drink at both Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. 

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