Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bent Brewstillery Rose Gose

This is a 4.6% ABV Leipziger Gose style beer (a German style made with salt and coriander). This version uses Jamaican sorrel (hibiscus), allspice and roses. It is from the Bent Brewstillery of Roseville, Minnesota. It is their Fall 2014 release made for the Where the Wild Beers Are beer festival.

The beer pours an orange honey golden, trending to light amber. There is a short and thin head of white foam. The aroma is spices, definitely getting that allspice, the fruity hibiscus coming through, very light rose, and light tartness. There is a slight medicinal rubberiness in the background. The taste follows the aromas, more tart in the taste than in the smell, light floral and the allspice is there, but lighter than in the aroma. Once all the flavors have combined and washed over the palate, there is a strange note, that I think is lingering allspice affected by the other flavors. It is lightly nutty, but also slightly off-putting as it just doesn’t seem to belong or jive with the overall beer. The aftertaste shifts more towards the hibiscus and tartness as you proceed through the beer, and you notice a light mineral quality, I am assuming from the salt. The beer has a fine, intense carbonation that compliments the tartness. Much like Boulevard’s Hibiscus Gose, this is a nice try, but ends up not overly impressive. 

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