Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pipeworks Square Grouper

This 9.5% ABV Imperial IPA brewed with honey is batch 527/528 from the Pipeworks Brewing Company of Chicago, Illinois. They make a huge variety of beers, and it seems like there is pretty much no ingredient they won't put in their beer (Cinnamon Toast Crunch anyone? Grilled pineapple?). This beer was made in collaboration with 4 Hands Brewing of St. Louis, Missouri. The label reads the tale of an apparently stoned fish.

The beer pours orange and amber in color. There is a tall head of thick and creamy white to off-white foam that leaves sedimentary layers of lacing down the glass. The aroma is dank, very musky, over tones of tropical fruit, guava, passion fruit, and a bit of mango. The taste follows the aromas, adding in some tartness from the fruit. The finish is fairly dry and moderately bitter, with the honey showing in the aftertaste. The honey is present, but more implied than explicit. The mouthfeel is full, smooth and rich. The aftertaste is pleasant, the mouth, palate, and sinuses fill with the vapors of the original flavor. The higher ABV provides a pleasant warming effect. This is massive and awesome. 

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