Sunday, October 12, 2014

New Holland Mad Hatter IPA

This 5.8% ABV India Pale Ale is from the New Holland Brewing Company of Holland, Michigan. It uses Centennial and Nugget hops. 

The beer pours copper in color. There is over an inch of thick, creamy, off-white head. The aroma is citrus, orange, bright and tangy, but also sweet, with ripe melon, all gliding over an unobtrusive caramel malt. The taste follows the aromas, but there is then an immediate, spicy, deep rye-like note. This is followed by a wall of dry bitterness. It has a refreshing carbonation, and drinks smooth. The fruitiness weaves in and out of the bitterness.  Try this, then try it again, it grows on you.

Trying again in 2017: This is now 7.0% ABV and 85 IBU's. The beer pours a dark honey gold, light amber in color, with a touch of apricot. It is well carbonated and has an inch of white foamy head. The aroma is blueberries and apricots. The taste follows the aromas and adds in an earthy muskiness, lots of fruit skins and peels. The finish is dry and fairly bitter. The beer drinks very smooth, with a soft and tingling carbonation. 

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