Saturday, October 4, 2014

Left Hand Nitro Wake Up Dead Russian Imperial Stout

This is a 10.2% ABV Russian imperial stout with nitrogen added from the Left Hand Brewing Company of Longmont, Colorado.  The bottle says to pour hard.  A “hard” pour is a relative term, so keep in mind that what they are really calling for is to turn the bottle completely upside down and let it rip into the glass.  This would overfoam any other beer, but is what is needed to release the nitro and get a nice, creamy head. 

The beer pours a deep black. There is three-quarters of an inch of thick and creamy light tan head. The aroma is dark roasted malts, char, and black licorice. The taste is dark roasted malt, char, lighter licorice than in the aroma, with sweet, dried dark fruits providing deep, earthy, fruity sweetness, without any fruity tang. The beer drinks, full, rich, smooth, sweet, but with a dry finish and light bitterness. The end is hot in the mouth, warming all the way down the throat. This is nice, I like a lot of what it has to offer, but I do like more of what their Milk Stout brings. It gives me the diabolical idea to take a large glass and pour one of these and a Nitro Milk Stout together and give that a try. (So, I just did it, see below.)

Mixing them together made a really nice brew! Anyone ever blend your own beers? I've only done it a couple times, both have been successful.

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