Friday, July 25, 2014

Northgate Parapet ESB

This is a 5.6% ABV Extra Special Bitter from Northgate Brewing of the Northeast area of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Its malts are Maris Otter, English Pale Crystal, English Dark Crystal, and English Flaked Barley. For hops, it has UK Target and East Kent Golding.

The beer pours a lighter shade of copper and amber. There is a tall head of off-white foam, with the ample carbonation quickly breaking it down with large and ragged holes. The aroma is tangy and citrusy over toasted and caramel malt. The taste is a continual hand-fighting battle between the grassy and citrusy hops and the toasted and caramel malts. A touch of peat smoke enters the fray, but the battle is won in the end by the quite bitter finish, which brings it all to a dry and screeching halt.  You can try to stay safe in the parapet, but you will have to enter this battle.

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