Friday, June 13, 2014

Mankato Duly Noted

The Mankato Brewery is in North Mankato, Minnesota.  It is the first production brewery to be in that city since 1967. This is their newly released American pale ale coming in at 5.4% ABV and 40 IBU's. 

The beer pours a pure golden in color, just a tinge of apricot, a bit hazy. There is a tall half inch of snow white foamy head. The aroma is hop forward with citrus, lemon, lime, orange, some tropical notes, light grass and flowers. The taste follows the aromas, putting all that hop flavor on top of a crackery, bread dough maltiness. The finish is intensely bitter, adding in some grapefruit skin and a hint of pine needles. The beer is intensely carbonated and drinks crisp and refreshing. There is a bubble gum note in the finish. 

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