Sunday, June 29, 2014

Against the Grain Rico Sauvin

This is an 8.2% ABV Double India Pale Ale from Against the Grain Brewery of Louisville, Kentucky, with their bottled beers contract brewed in Westminster, Maryland at the Pub Dog Brewery. It uses Nelson Sauvin hops. I always have a picture of the bottle and figure you can see that for yourself, so I generally don't comment much on the labels. But in case you can't see all the detail, this bottle has "Rico" and yes, he has grapes coming out of his pants, appears to have hop flowers for a mustache, is rubbing his own nipple, and there is a sheep behind him. Put the pieces together however you want.

The beer pours the color of honey, but with an orange and dried apricot tint, and a bit hazy. It is well carbonated, and has a large, white foamy head. The aroma is of white wine, kiwis, passion fruit, green melon, with some earthy muskiness. The taste follows the aromas directly, with increased muskiness in the flavor, and a dry and fairly bitter finish. There is some malt and hop fruit sweetness, but then the bitterness immediately washes over. It has a round softness to the mouth, but the carbonation bubbles in to sting a bit refreshingly. This is really nice, a bit like Zeelander from Toppling Goliath. 

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