Saturday, April 26, 2014

Pour Decisions Maroon & Bold

This 9.0% ABV beer is a DIPA, or Double Infuriatingly Passive Aggressive Ale. It is from the Pour Decisions Brewing Company of Roseville, Minnesota. Pour Decisions has now merged with anther recent Twin Cities area brewery, Bent Brewstillery, and they will henceforth be Bent Brewstillery. This beer uses Minnesota grown hops and barley. So what was so infuriating? The 2013 version of the beer almost didn't happen due to wind storms, drought, and grasshoppers. The bottle suggests serving in a Solo cup, I guess as part of a Gopher's tailgate?

The beer pours a dark brown, deep amber, very burnt orange in color. There is a tall, thick, ragged, sea foam type head that is very light tan in color. The aroma is blueberries, flowers, fresh cut hay, tangy, yeasty, over honey sweet dark caramel. The taste follows the notes of the aromas and has a massively bitter finish. It has a fine and intense bottle-conditioned type of carbonation. Interesting and worth trying; I like trying beers with locally grown ingredients, you really can tell a "terroir" difference in them.

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