Sunday, April 27, 2014

Excelsior Bridge Jumper India Pale Ale

This 7.5% ABV India Pale Ale has 96 IBU's and is from the Excelsior Brewing Company of Excelsior, Minnesota. Excelsior is on the shores of Lake Minnetonka, and you'll see a lake activity theme on the bottles of their beer.

The beer pours amber and copper in color. There is nearly an inch of thick and foamy off-white head. The aroma is mostly tart and tangy, a touch soapy.  I am getting nervous here, the bottle says it is a malty IPA brewed with a ship load of raw hops.  I am fearing infection due to this overly tart aroma. Here goes. A bit malty, lots of soapy, with a tang that enters into sour. Bummer!  This is a drain pour. 

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