Friday, August 2, 2013

Bluegrass Brewing Bourbon Barrel Stout

This bourbon barrel aged stout is from the Bluegrass Brewing Company of Louisville, Kentucky. It certainly makes sense for a Kentucky brewery to age in bourbon barrels. The beer pours a deep black, just the slightest bit of dark brown and ruby on the edges if held to the light. There is a thin, short and scant head of light brown. The aroma is sweet, dark cocoa, mocha and bourbon, with some coffee bitterness on the end. The taste follows the aromas, lots of deep, dark roasted malt, a tang here and there among the sweetness, with a light, vanilla, oak and bourbon finish. It is lightly dry. There is some carbonation, but the mouthfeel overall is watery, and that is the biggest drawback to this beer. It's watery mouthfeel just doesn't stand up to its big and delicious flavors.

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