Saturday, April 6, 2013

Samuel Adams Hopology Collection Latitude 48 IPA - Mosaic

It sure is a mouthful to get out the name of this beer, but needed to differentiate from their other Latitude 48's. Samuel Adams has released a lot of versions of their Latitude 48. This version is part of their Hopology Collection and features Mosaic hops. Like all of the Latitude 48's so far, it is 6.0% ABV. 

The beer pours a dark copper and chestnut brown. There is a short half-inch of off-white to light brown head that leaves a medium amount of sticky lacing down the glass. The aroma is citrusy, orange, a touch of pine and bubble gum, over a solid malty base with caramel and strong tea. The taste follows the aromas, with predominantly citrus and orange fruit flavors over a solid malt base. The malt and hops blend together quite harmoniously and well. 

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