Saturday, March 2, 2013

Samuel Adams Maple Pecan Porter

This 5.8% ABV beer is brewed with New England maple syrup and is from Samuel Adams of the Boston Beer Company of Boston, Massachusetts. I don't really like maple flavor in anything but syrup, but I'll give this a good faith effort.

The beer pours a dark mahogany brown, almost black, lots of dark ruby when held to the light. There is a tall half-inch of thick, nearly creamy head. The foam is light brown in color. The aroma is maple, sweetness, dark roasted malt, coffee, roasted nuttiness and a bit of chocolate. The taste follows the aromas, it is nutty, sweet, roasted, coffee, chocolate. The maple is in the taste, but well-blended with all of the other flavors. This is rich, roasted, semi-sweet, but never cloying, well balanced and very flavorful. The finish is dry and moderately bitter with long lingering nuttiness. Well played Sam Adams!

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