Saturday, January 5, 2013

Madhouse Oak Aged Imperial Red

The Madhouse Brewing Company is in Newton, Iowa.  This 8.5% ABV beer is part of their Venture Series.  From the bottle:  "Venture Series - A series of one-time release, seasonally brewed beers that allow craft beer enthusiasts to explore the diverse flavors and styles of their favorite beverage. Our Oak-Aged Imperial Red has intriguing aromas of oak and mocha. Creamy malt flavors of caramel and chocolate create a complex flavor balanced with hop bitterness."

The beer pours a dark amber in color, shading towards garnet. There is an inch of thick and creamy off-white to light brown head. The aroma is deep, rich malt, sweet and fruity, but bittersweet, like a dark chocolate covered candy with raspberry filling. The taste follows the aromas, but adds dry oak and enough hops to have a moderately bitter finish. It is nicely carbonated and spicy on the finish. This is very good with rich, dark malts and as much upfront oak as I have ever encountered in a beer.

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