Thursday, November 22, 2012

New Belgium Peach Porch Lounger

The New Belgium Brewing Company is in Fort Collins, Colorado. This is part of their Lips of Faith series. It is 9.4% ABV and brewed with molasses and lemon peel and peach juice added.

The beer pours a dark honey golden and peach flesh in color. There is a short head of thick and fine foam, just off-white in color that leaves sticky lacing. The aroma is tart, definitely some wild yeasts in there. The peach is subtle, as is the molasses, tangling in a sweet tang with the lemon peel zestiness. The taste is a sour, but malty ale, with the tartness tempered by the peach and molasses, but not conquered. There is a fine, tingling carbonation. The alcohol is detectable in the mouth, but really shows up as slow burn once swallowed. There is a spiciness to the finish. This is a nice take on a sour sipper.

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