Friday, June 29, 2012

Cricket Hill Hopnotic IPA

The Cricket Hill Brewery is in Fairfield, New Jersey.

This 5.2% ABV India Pale Ale pours a bright and clear orange-copper in color.  There is a tall, thick and foamy head that is off-white in color.  The aroma is clean and grassy, jasmine tea, over a solid semi-sweet malt base.  The taste follows the aromas directly, with a clean and brassy finish, lightly bitter and dry.  This beer is not a spectacular IPA, but it is a nice and pleasant easy drinker, and far better than when I originally tried it.  It still is not a hop head's IPA, but it does not have any off notes, I would not seek it out strongly (being a hop head), but I would not avoid it anymore.  (Why did I try it again?  Oh hell, why not?)

My review from May of 2011:  Pours an orangish-golden to light copper-amber in color.  Slight floral and fruit hop aroma.  The flavor is subdued and well balanced with the malt.  There is a light floral and fruit hop and a light caramel malt.  This is not a very bold IPA and would not please most hop heads.  I tried this again on May 27, 2011 and it is even more disappointing.  It has a light, slightly sour fruit flavor.  This is not a good IPA, nor even much of a good beer of any style, and I would avoid it in the future.

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