Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Harpoon Summer Beer

The Harpoon Brewery is out of Boston, Massachusetts.  Their Summer beer "is a refreshing example of the German Kolsch style: golden, light-bodied, crisp.  Perfect for summer."  We'll see.

"Love Beer.  Love Life.  Harpoon."  Since they describe this as a Kolsch style, I will use my small, cylindrical German beer glass, not a true Kolsch glass, but close as I have.  This 5.5% ABV beer pours a crystal clear pure golden in color with a tall head of white foam.  The head rapidly dissipates.  The aroma is clean, bright, citrus fruits, grassy, lots of grain.  The taste follows the aromas, finishing with a nice bitterness.  It drinks very crisp and refreshing.  Its only drawback is being slightly thin in the mouth, it could use better head retention which might also assist the mouthfeel.  Despite that, the can did not lie, everything it said describes this beer quite well and it is a perfect summer drinker.

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