Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Great River Hop A Potamus Double Dark Rye Pale Ale

Great River beers are brewed and canned by Old Capitol Brew Works and Public House (doing business as Great River Brewery) in Davenport, Iowa.  They have a really nice line-up of beers.

This beer is 9.0% ABV and 99 IBU's, and it pours a very dark brown in color.  If held to the light it is translucent, but not transparent, with ruby tints.  There is nearly an inch of thick and creamy head, off-white to very light brown in color.  The aroma is malty, dense rye bread, some caramel, strong iced tea with lemon, orange marmalade and red plum jam.  The taste follows the aromas and finishes quite bitter, yet it is surprisingly drinkable for its massive flavors and high alcohol.

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