Friday, April 13, 2012

Clown Shoes Eagle Claw Fist Imperial Amber Ale

Clown Shoes beers are brewed by the Mercury Brewing Company of Ipswich, Massachusetts.

This 8.0% ABV beer is brewed with Columbus, Centennial and Citra hops and comes in at over 100 IBU's.  This should be one very hop forward amber ale.

The beer pours a dark orange and brown in color, almost getting tints of garnet.  There is a half-inch of thick, creamy and foamy head that is light brown in color.  The aroma is of dark roasted and toasted malt, with a thick layer of unctuous fruitiness.  The taste is roasted, toasted malt, a bit of nuttiness, lots of crusty bread, a bit of a dark, almost coffee note, much less fruit than the aroma, and a very bitter finish.  This is mouth puckeringly bitter.

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