Friday, March 23, 2012

Blue Blood Brewing Comany - 834 Happy As Ale; 1327 Pod's ESB

The Blue Blood Brewing Company is in Lincoln, Nebraska and uses Nebraska grown hops (not exclusively, but some in every batch).

834 Happy As Ale - This 4.6% ABA beer pours a somewhat hazy dark orange-golden in color with a thin white head.  The aroma is spicy and herbal/floral, just a touch of fruit.  The taste is malty, lightly toasted and caramel, with a very bitter and dry finish.  As the bitterness wanes, there is a pleasing lightly fruity aftertaste.  It seems much  more bitter than its listed 35 IBU's.  Overall, a pretty good beer.

1327 Pod's ESB - This 5.6% ABV beer pours hazy, yet a bright and glowing orange and amber in color.  There is a short head of thin off-white foam.  The aroma is somewhat floral, and fruity, with fresh plums and dried apricots.  The taste is malty, light caramel, followed immediately by a floral and grassy bitterness.  The overall effect is refreshing, but very flavorful.  The taste is far better than the aroma, and this makes a very good English bitter.

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