Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oud Beersel Oude Kriek

The Oud Beersel Brewery is in Beersel, Belgium and brewing since 1883.  This 6.5% ABV beer is their kriek, a Belgian ale that is made by blending old and young lambic (sour) ales, and then letting it age with whole cherries steeping in it.  Can you age it?  According to my bottle, it is best before October 28, 2029!

The beer pours a cloudy, deep red in color, with a tall half-inch head of tight, pink foam.  While it lasts, the foam adds a creamy element to the mouthfeel.  The aroma is champagne, cherries and an earthy and oaky sourness.  The taste is redolent of cherries, both the deep and sweet kind and the very tart kind.  The finish gives sour notes along with light wood and earth.  It drinks quite dry, with a fruit-tart aftertaste.  An extremely drinkable and enjoyable kriek.

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