Saturday, July 2, 2011

Coors Brewing Co. - Extra Gold Lager; Banquet; Light

The Coors Brewing Co. is in Golden, Colorado.  Coors started brewing in 1873.  The brewery facility in Golden is now the largest single-site brewery in the world.  Coors was the first brewer to use the aluminum can, in 1959.  They apparently established and still own a can company, which produces over 4 billion cans per year.  Coors has merged with Miller and Molson and they are now the MillerCoors conglomerate (or MolsonCoors or some combining of their massive company names).

Extra Gold - This beer pours a dark honey golden with glowing orange and yellow.  There is a quarter inch of pure white foam that dissipates rapidly.  The aroma is sweet, wet corn, and the aroma of apples on the ground that have begun to naturally ferment, both sour and sweet at the same time.  The taste is smooth grainy malt and just the slightest hint of lager "funk", more implied than apparent.  The taste is better than the aroma.  The beer drinks smooth, but also a little flat for its style.  I used to drink a decent amount of this beer in the mid-1990's and then it was Coors Extra Gold on the can, now they just call it Extra Gold and Coors is only  listed on the side.  When I have seen this beer recently, it is in the cooler with bargain beers.  I guess Coors has made this their discount beer and don't so prominently put their name on it anymore.

Coors Banquet - This 5.0% ABV beer pours light yellow golden in color, very highly carbonated, with nearly an inch of pure white foamy head.  The aroma is light grain, a bit of apple and a touch of metallic.  The taste is light grain and a bit of apple.  The aftertaste would indicate they at least thought of putting hops in this.  Bland, but drinkable.

Coors Light - The Silver Bullet. This beer pours clear and a very, very pale yellow-golden, completely sun-bleached straw. There is a small head of white foam. The aroma is tart apples, slightly sweet apples, a touch of sweet malted grain, and a bit metallic. The taste (such as it is) is somewhat better than the aroma, light malt grain, with a smooth finish, just the slightest hint of grass.  It is light bodied to watery, with stinging carbonation. Not very flavorful, a half-way decent light (very light) beer. But hey, the mountains turn blue when it is cold enough, okay!

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