Monday, April 18, 2011

Two Brothers Brewing Co. - Bitter End Pale Ale; Resistance IPA; Domaine Dupage French Style Country Ale

The Two Brothers Brewing Company was started by two brothers, Jim and Jason Ebel, and is in Warrenville, Illinois.

Bitter End Pale Ale - This 5.2% ABV beer pours orange-copper-amber in color and is partly cloudy with a small, thin head.  The aroma is slightly sweet malt, french bread and some fruit.  The taste follows the aroma and the beer drinks with a tangy zest on the tongue.  There is a bit of iced tea with lemon in the flavor as well.  This drinks like an English pale ale.

Resistance India Pale Ale - This 6.9% ABV IPA is aged in French Oak Foudres (a large cask for storing, transporting and aging wine).  The beer pours orange-copper-amber in color with a small head.  The aroma is very hoppy, lots of tropical fruit, tangerine and cantaloupe.  There is a sweet yet tangy note as well.  The taste has the fruits of the aroma but is noticeably more piney than the aroma.  There is a fruity sweetness, but the finish is bitter and dry.  If the oak is apparent, it comes to me mostly in the finish.

Domaine Dupage French Style Country Ale - This 5.9% ABV beer pours a glowing brown-copper-orange-red in color.  The head is slight and rapidly dissipating.  The aroma is spicy, yeasty, slightly fruity of dark fruits, with a bit of biscuity malt.  The taste is fruity, cherry and plum, with a caramel sweet maltiness and a zesty and slightly bitter hop finish.  This drinks very smooth.

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